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Static's famous non-damaging glue allows you to wear the nails as little as one day, a week, or up to 18 days straight. It's unique formula bonds like an acrylic for a strong hold, but essentially breaks away and dissolves as you wear it leaving behind 0 glue residue or damage when removed properly.  

Static's non-damaging glue is included in each pop-on manicure kit.  This top-selling item is a full-sized refill frequently out of stock due to its popularity.

1) Select your correct size by aligning the Static Nail with each side of your natural nail. 

2) Select Wear Time:

1 Day: Apply a thin line of Static Nails' non-damaging glue from your cuticle to tip. (Bring glue with you as the nails will come off much easier with little glue)
5-7 Days: Apply a large dot of glue that covers 70% of your natural nail, then spread the dot around to cover the entire nail.
7-18 Days: Add a healthy layer of glue to the back of your Static Nail before applying a large dot of glue to your natural nail that covers 70% of it. Spread the dot around to cover the entire nail.

3) Let the glue tack-up for six seconds, then align the Static Nail under your cuticle at an angle, press down with your thumb, hold and squeeze for 25+ seconds. When squeezing ensure the entire Static Nail is covered and receiving consistent firm pressure to bond the nail properly and avoid creating air pockets. 


- The more glue you apply the longer the nails will stay on
- Wipe glue off the Static Nail immediately if over-gluing occurs
- Individuals with oily nail beds can use nail polish remover and/or the pink buffer before applying Static Nails for best results
- Always apply glue to the back of the Static Nail when reapplying  
- If needed, a cuticle clipper can be used to clip off excess glue under the nail after removing 

The Static Nail will literally "pop-off" when light pressure is applied if ready. Never force remove the nails. The nail can be soaked in hot water for a few minutes