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I've worn over 60 sets of Static Nails. I'm super rough on my hands, but these have never failed me. I love the wear time flexibility and how classy and beautiful they look on. 

Andrea F., Customer since 2018

I love Static Nails so much. I love that they are so easy to apply that I can do these at home or as a passenger in a car. They are so affordable and fun to mix and match. 

Nani S., Customer since 2014

Being a mom of 3 means almost no time for myself. Wearing Static always makes me feel a little more beautiful. They stay on through gardening, laundry, cleaning, doing dishes, exercising and last me weeks.

Rose K., Customer since 2014

When on set, time is always of the essence. Static Nails is the only brand we trust to get beautiful manicures in minutes. The quality of their products is unparalleled. We love using Static in all of our photoshoots!

Lily & Lilac, Fashion + Beauty Photographers

Static Nails have been an absolute lifesaver. I use them on models, which has saved me so much precious time. The gorgeous colors and styles are always on trend, adding the perfect finishing touch to each look.

Clare Mac, Creative Makeup Artist of The Year

Absolutely love using the nails for editorial shoots. They are easy and quick to apply and remove. The only tough part is telling models they can't keep them. My favorite is their classic oval shape. It elongates the hands and always looks elegant.

Steven Turpin, Editorial Makeup Artist


“Static’s Reusable Pop-On Nails have innovated the nail industry.” – FORBES
“These little miracles let me relive my dream of having the perfect set of nails for whatever (short or long) amount of time I desire. Best part? They literally take minutes to apply and look legit as hell.” –
"They’re the best, most realistic nails I’ve ever worn.” – InStyle