Dark Room Liquid Glass Lacquer
Dark Room Liquid Glass Lacquer
Dark Room Liquid Glass Lacquer
Dark Room Liquid Glass Lacquer

Dark Room Liquid Glass Lacquer

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WHAT IT IS: A breakthrough formula loaded with rich pigments and natural antioxidants for a healthy manicure that actually lasts up to 10+ days without chipping when paired with Liquid Glass Primer and Top Coat.

3X LONGER WEAR: In a comprehensive study, 100% of participants saw 3x longer wear compared to other leading brands.

BALM MINT: Restores and adds shine
PRIMROSE: Nourishes and protects
GREEN TEA: Hardens and strengthens

COVERAGE: Full-Coverage

DRY TIME: About 10 minutes, however, the longer you let your nails dry the longer they will last!

STEP 1: Cleanse Nails and dry thoroughly 
STEP 2: Smooth the nail's surface and increase color adhesion by applying a generous amount of Liquid Glass Primer
STEP 3: Layer two coats of your favorite Liquid Glass Lacquer
STEP 4: Seal the surface and edge of nail with Liquid Glass Top Coat to prevent chipping

x Stir well before using.
x Place the bottle between two fingers where the skin meets for easy spill-proof painting.
x Seal the edge of your fingertips on every layer.
x Let each layer dry before applying the next (about 1-2 minutes).
x Do not use additional products before painting such as cuticle oils, lotions, creams, or nail treatments.
x Wear gloves when dealing with products that contain harsh chemicals, such as cleaning supplies and sanitizers, which can dry out the lacquer and your hands. NOTE: Some cuticle oils can also be drying. Opt for hand cream over cuticle oil if you notice early chipping or fading due to this. 

TO REMOVE: Simply wipe away the color with non-acetone nail polish remover, wash hands, then dry. No harsh soaking or scraping here. NOTE: We do not recommend removers with acetone as acetone makes natural nails dry and brittle.

PATENT PENDING: Medium size bottle at 3 ml (the standard nail polish bottle fills three of ours)
On average, women never use more than 20% of the standard nail polish bottle. We wanted to create something that was not only beautiful, easier to paint with and store, but also cut back on waste. Each bottle contains the perfect amount of lacquer, giving you nothing but fresh manicures year round! Or, seasonally if you stick to one shade, but that’s hard to do.