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This MUST-HAVE treatment kit is only here for the holidays and contains all of our best-selling, award-winning innovations for your most beautiful-looking nails yet!


1 RAPID REPAIR NAIL AND CUTICLE OIL: Unlike others, Static Nails Rapid Repair Nail and Cuticle Oil uses the highest quality, purest grade ingredients that protect, nourish, and repair even the most severely dry, damaged cuticles up to 50% overnight while rehydrating and restoring your natural nails. This custom formula is non-greasy and fast-absorbing.

1 INSTANT STRENGTH NAIL HARDENER: For super strong nails on command, Static Nails 3-in-1 Instant Strength Nail Hardener makes natural nails harder and stronger immediately while helping to prevent nails from bending, breaking, splitting, and chipping over time.

1 100% NON-TOXIC ODORLESS POLISH & POP-ON NAIL REMOVER: Traditional removers have offensive, toxic odors and aggressive, damaging industrial solvents that leave skin and nails dry and stripped of natural oils.

Static Nails award-winning polish and pop-on nail remover has absolutely zero smell, is 100% non-toxic, gentle yet highly effective, and safe to use. It even leaves skin and nails feeling hydrated and conditioned.

This formula can be used to remove polish, lacquer, non-uv gel polish, glitter polish, press-on nails, pop-on nails, and nail glue.

1 QUICK DRY DROPS: It’s like accident forgiveness for your manicure. Apply Static Nails Quick Dry Drops after painting your nails to protect your freshly painted mani from scratches, smudges, and chips while instantly cutting down dry time. This antioxidant-rich formula also increases shine while strengthening nails and nourishing cuticles with each drop. Unlike others, Static Nails custom formulated dry drops are non-greasy or sticky and will not cause your manicure to chip faster.