Will Static Nails fit my nail beds?
-How To Select The Right Size-

Each kit includes 12 sizes per hand (24 nails total) to help guarantee you a perfect fit.  For a visual nail size reference, everyone from a seven year old to a drag queen can wear Static Nails. If you have larger, wider, smaller or shorter nail beds, don't fret.  We've got you covered.  Optional: The sides file like butter for a custom fit for those with extra small nail beds or if you want to adjust your 14 backup nails for a new fresh mani. 

Align the Static Nail against your cuticle and one side of your finger nail.  Press down. If the other side of your natural nail is showing it is too small.  If it's too big you will feel it.  Think Three Little Bears.  Average application time is only 5 minutes. 

How do I apply Static Nails?
-Applying & Selecting Wear Time-

Static Nails are applied with our custom formulated, non-damaging glue which bonds like an acrylic, BUT without the damage allowing you a flexible wear time.  No maintenance is needed in-between wears. Simply re-glue and you're good to go.  See full details on how to apply at the bottom of this page under the Glue Refill product description. 

How do I remove Static Nails?

Super easy, Static Nails WILL NOT come off in water alone, you have to physically lift the sides of the nail to pop it off. The best way to do so is right before you get out of a hot shower, which softens both your natural nail and the Static Nail for an easier, safer removal. Never force remove Static Nails.  If the nail does not literally "pop-off" when pressure is applied it is not ready. Please wait another day before removing.  Tip: If the length is bothering you, use a clipper or file to trim them down. 

How long do they last?

Static Nails can be worn up to 18 days straight or re-applied up to six separate times lasting 18 days for shorter wear.  The amount of glue you apply determines your wear time.  We are known for our long lasting manicures, which are simple and easy to achieve with detailed instructions included in every kit for a quick seamless mani. 

"I love these, but I can't wear them at work..."

Hairstylists, ER Nurses, Beauty Estheticians, nail lovers with stingy bosses etc... (slightly kidding, rules are in place for a good reason), you can pop your nails on after work and off right before you clock in since Static Nails are reusable. No one will ever know.  

Are They Comfortable?

Yes.  Static Nails are the highest quality pop-on nails available.  Static Nails match the thickness of a fingernail, flexible yet durable, you won't even realize you are wearing pop-ons... and neither will your friends.

Can I paint them?

Yes! All glossy sets (non-matte / special effect) can be painted with nail polish.  Lay your sizes down on double sided tape, paint them like a 5 year old, do what you want while they dry, pop them on when they are ready to go.  Use nail polish remover to restore the original color and design,  wash your Static Nails in light soapy water, dry and store.  Static Nails can be painted with Gel polish, but you cannot remove gel from the Static Nail. 

Can I wear Static Nails over gels, polish, or acrylics?

We highly recommend applying Static Nails onto a clean natural nail.  First off, gels and acrylics destroy your natural nails.  Secondly, the adhesive will stick to the gel or polish, which will be peeled off your natural nail when you remove Static Nails.  Applying Static Nails over gels will make the application last much longer after a little buffing before hand.  Applying Static Nails over polish will decrease the wear time significantly since polish typically chips off your nails anyway within a few days.  Applying our pop-ons to your naked nails is best not only for your nail health, but also the longevity of the Static Nail.  

Is Static Nails a cruelty free / vegan brand?

Yes and yes! No product of ours is derived from or tested on animals.


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